Welcome Back for the 2016/2017 School Year

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Welcome Back for the 2016/2017 School Year

Welcome back to an exciting new year at NOVA Independent Study!  We hope your summer was full of adventures and fun, and we are eager to begin a new year of learning, growing, and collaboration.

Our New School Year is going to have many exciting opportunities, and in order to get you started, consider checking out the following new pages with important information and resources

Not sure if you’ve filled everything out in your school’s registration packet?  This resource has many important forms to give you a jumpstart at the beginning of the year!

Check out the Parent Guide

Your center for signing up for school lunches, checking out menus, and answering questions about nutrition for this coming school year

Visit the NUSD Fans Website!

Novato’s new center for making!  The CEC makerspace is open and provides a variety of exciting classes to give your student some extra creative opportunities

See What’s Shakin’ at the Maker Space

Wondering what other ways you can get engaged in this upcoming school year?  There are plenty of ways to get involved, whether through volunteering, attending school board meetings, or contributing to one of our many foundations.

Browse the Parent Engagement Options

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